June 15, 2024

Latest Facts about Mental Health Disorders

A certain stigma still surrounds mental health disorders. Often mental illness is something that just isn’t talked about. Although most people know at least one friend, family member or coworker who has struggled with their mental health, often this information is communicated in whispers. As a result, many people may be unaware of the true facts and statistics about mental illness, how many people are effected, who those people are, what kinds of disorders are the most prevalent, and what the treatment options are. Being well-informed is a key part of making good decisions and getting rid of the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

For example, many people may be unaware of just how widespread the effects of mental illness are. Mental illness affects people from all walks of life regardless of age, gender or class bracket. Take a minute to educate yourself about the real facts and statistics about mental illness; the truth might really surprise you.

Source: Best Mental Health Degrees

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