June 15, 2024

12 Real Facts About Depression For Men

Historically, depression has been viewed not as a medical condition but as a ‘weakness.’  Because of this and the fact that men typically are brought up to control their emotions and not admit to weakness of any kind it has typicaly been portrayed as a women’s issue rather than one that affects men. The truth is that depression affects both men and women.  It also affects people of all ages – children, teens and the elderly.  Here are 12 Real Facts about Depression in Men.

In the spring of 2006, the depression of two very successful men made newspaper headlines in Maryland.

Phil Merrill, a renowned publisher, entrepreneur and diplomat in the Washington area took his own life. Eleven days later Montgomery County Executive Douglas Duncan withdrew his candidacy for governor of Maryland because of his struggle with depression. For weeks, newspapers covered male depression, including the stories of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Archbishop Raymond Roussin, Mike Wallace, William Styron, Art Buchwald, and Robin Williams.

That was unusual. Because, in the majority of media stories and infomercials, depression is regarded as a feminine thing … a result of all of the hormonal shifts and baby-making stuff.

The reality? Six million men, or seven percent of American men, suffer from depression, and millions more suffer silently because they either don’t recognize the symptoms, which can vary from women’s, or they are too ashamed to get help for what they see as a woman’s disease.

These 12 techniques were written for men to address the hidden desperation so many feel, and to expose the truth about mood disorders and gender….More at 12 Depression Busters for Men | World of Psychology

It’s important that men realize that depression is a real medical condition, not a weakness.  It is okay to get help.  Depression can be treated.  The first step is to contact a medical health care professional.   He or she will help the patient decide the best course of treatment that fits with the man’s individual circumstances and depression. Often talking about it can be a huge relief and help.

Here is a great talk about men and mental illness called depression as aired by NBC5 Chicago.