May 24, 2024

Heart Failure Can Trigger Depression But Can Be Defeated Through A Good Exercise

Sometimes people can’t control when there is something wrong with their health but in some cases it is possible to help ease a disease or illness.   When heart failure happens it isn’t uncommon for many patients to suffer from depression during the recovery process.  It has been shown that patients who engaged in exercise with their doctor’s permission after heart failure improved their survival chances as well as ease the hold of depression.

Up to 40% of people with heart failure grapple with depression. The combination often leads to poor health outcomes. One study found seriously depressed people with heart failure were more than twice as likely to die or be hospitalized over the course of a year compared to other people with heart failure who weren’t depressed.

“Whenever patients are more depressed, their motivation goes down. Their ability to keep up with their doctors’ recommendations goes down.

Their ability to get out and do basic physical activities like walking goes down,” as does their health, says David A. Friedman, MD, chief of Heart Failure Services at North Shore-LIJ Plainview Hospital in New York. “It’s a vicious cycle.”

“This [study] … shows a non-drug way to try to improve patients’ mood and motivation. That’s the best thing you can do,” says Friedman, who was not involved in the research….More at Exercise May Fight Depression in Heart Failure

While no exercise plan should be undertaken by those who have suffered from heart failure unless under a doctor’s guidance,  it isn’t uncommon for a doctor to recommend a program of mild to moderate exercise.  This can not only do wonders for your physical health, it can also be beneficial to your mental health as well.

Simple exercises can boost up your health level. Exercise can help a person in so many ways – mentally and physically.