April 22, 2024

Can Depression Make You Sick?

The short answer to the question can depression make you sick is yes.  Depression covers a range of symptoms and problems.  Due to the mind and body connection, many mental disorders can often cause physical symptoms to appear.  Individuals who are depressed may undergo a range of associated problems that may make the person sick.

The Symptoms of Depression

Everyone knows how depression manifests itself mentally.  The patient many become lethargic, gloomy and contemplate suicidal thoughts.  Physically, it can appear in a variety of ways.  Patients will often experience extreme fatigue or a change in eating habits.  The patient may find it difficult to sleep at night, wake up earlier than usual or over sleep their alarm.  Their eating habits may also change.  They could start eating more than usual or stop eating altogether.  As a result of this, a patient with depression will often experience a rapid weight gain or loss.

An unusual side effect of depression is completely unexplainable by doctors.  Patients often report experiencing unexplained aches, pains or medical problems.  When doctors try to look into the issue, they cannot find what is actually wrong with patient.  The unusual aches and pains have no physical reason for existing.  In general, these unexplainable pains often include headaches and stomachaches.  Until doctors can discover that depression is the underlying cause, the patient will not respond to any conventional treatment for the pain.

With agitated depression, patients report feelings of anxiousness and restlessness.  They may find it difficult to sit still and may suffer from hand tremors or fidgeting.  Until they complete treatment, the unusual levels of fidgeting and racing thoughts will not go away.

Can Depression Make Someone Sick?

Overall, depression can certainly make a patient sick.  In addition to the normal side effects, a patient may have a stronger tendency toward contracting illnesses.  Depression can weaken the immune system.  Whenever the immune system is weakened, a patient is more likely to contract any of the illnesses that they come in contact with.

Someone who is undergoing depression should take a multi vitamin, drink plenty of water and try to get enough sleep.  Although trying to live healthily is difficult during depression, it is necessary for the patient not to develop any new or unexpected illnesses.  Conveniently, a healthy lifestyle can also alleviate the signs of depression.  Regular exercise and a healthy diet have been shown to improve symptoms in patients who have developed mild to moderate depression.


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