July 13, 2024

Can You Die From Depression?

Depression is a debilitating disorder.  For individuals who have depression, going to work and maintaining a normal social life can be almost impossible.  The symptoms of this disorder make it difficult for people to live a normal life, but they do not directly cause death.  When suffering from depression, the greatest harm is caused by the patient.

Common Symptoms of Depression

Individuals who are diagnosed with depression often feel listless, hopeless and continuously under the weather.  They may suddenly face a change in their eating or sleeping habits.  Many patients find it difficult to fall asleep at night or stay awake tossing and turning.  In many cases, the patient will stop doing activities that they once loved.  They may no longer take an interest in their former hobbies or pastimes.  When this happens, a patient will often lose their will to live.

Can a Person Die from Depression?

There is no case where depression actually kills someone.  Instead, severely depressed patients are often faced with extreme sadness and may have suicidal thoughts.  With depression, the patient may contemplate ways to end their life and even attempt to do it.  Someone who is this severely depressed may actually die, but it will be at their own hands.

On its own, depression will not cause the patient to die.  The greatest risk they face is death from their own hands.  Studies show that depressed patients are far more likely to attempt suicide than someone who does not have the disorder.  Low dopamine and serotonin in the brain lead the individual to be gloomy and unhappy with their life.  After they begin contemplating suicide, they may seek to end their life.

If a patient is severely depressed, they should always seek medical help or call their local or national suicide prevention hotline.  A qualified doctor or medical practitioner can help them get the help they need.  Depression is completely treatable and can go away if medical advice is followed.  The patient does not have to continue living life with depression.  If a loved one or family member suspects their friend or relative is depressed, they should convince them to seek medical help.

Depression is a completely treatable mental disorder.  During the course of their lifetime, one in three Americans will develop this disorder.  Although people who are depressed may try to commit suicide, depression will not actually cause them to die.  A patient who has suicidal tendencies should immediately consult a doctor and get the help they need.


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