June 15, 2024

Depression Because of Marital Problems

Arguments are pretty normal for couples, however, if issues are not resolved and continues to take over the relationship then it might promote unhealthy results. Many studies have further studied this kind of situation and its effects to health. It found out how depression starts to take place in the body system.

Financial pressure and marital strains have been blamed for the high number of people seeking treatment for depression in East Kalimantan, says an official from the province’s largest mental health institution.

Ardiansyah, the head of Atma Husada Mahakam Hospital in Samarinda, the provincial capital, said on Tuesday that a study by the Health Ministry showed that some 200,000 people in East Kalimantan sought treatment for depression last year, out of a total population of just 3.5 million.

“The figure is a combination of those suffering serious depression and those who suffered mild depression,” he said.

“The main factors in those cases were economic and household problems.”

Atma Husada Mahakam Hospital is currently treating 10,816 patients for depression, up from 9,741 last year.

According to Ardiansyah, many people from other regions were drawn to East Kalimantan to seek their fortune because they considered it a rich province that could provide many job opportunities due to its vast resources….More at Job, Marital Pressure Fuel Depression – Jakarta Globe

Studies suggest  that many couples are experiencing different kinds of depression due to marital and financial problems. To defeat depression, seeking help from known medical institutions is a good thing to do. Aside from that, having a good counseling regarding financial and marital burdens can greatly help in easing depression too. 

Depression and normal sadness can be related, however, depression is not just feeling sad.  For more information on the symptoms of depression click here.