April 22, 2024

Does Exercise Help Depression?

Individuals who suffer from mild depression often find that their condition helps improve if they exercise.  In the past, naturopaths have criticized the widespread use of antidepressants and medications used in the treatment process.  Many naturopaths urge that people with just mild depression seek out natural solutions such as exercise instead of medication.

How Exercise Helps Depression

In general, depression is thought to be caused by a deficiency of dopamine or serotonin in the brain.  Doctors will often use medication to treat these deficiencies, but there are other solutions.  Exercise has actually been shown to increase the levels of dopamine in the brain.  As someone exercises, their body releases extra dopamine.  For fitness enthusiasts, this is the source of the high they experience after a strenuous workout.

Someone who is suffering from depression can start doing daily workouts and receive the same results.  Just the act of exercising increases someone’s dopamine levels and leaves them feeling happier than they had before.  Over time, exercising and a healthy diet can help individuals escape from their depression and return to a healthy and normal life.

Other Benefits of Exercise

Sometimes individuals with depression become depressed because of events in their life or lifestyle factors.  Exercising gives them a chance to take control of their lives.  It also offers a way to develop positive self-esteem and confidence in their body.  A lot of physical and mental issues start within the body.  By changing someone’s lifestyle, a naturopathic practitioner can effectively change their health.  The mind and body connection is so effective that changing one can actually affect the other.

Individuals who are suffering from low self-esteem also generally have underlying problems in their life.  By not dealing with these issues, patients become more susceptible to mental health issues like depression.  Exercise offers a way to increase natural levels of endorphins.  These chemicals reduce the body’s perception of pain and produce a reaction similar to morphine.  Endorphins are created within the brain and spinal cords and are a form of neurotransmitters.

Regular exercise has been shown scientifically to reduce stress, improve the quality of sleepy and decrease anxiety or depression.  Physically, it lowers blood pressure, increases energy levels as well as reducing body fat.  After months of exercise programs and fitness regimens, individuals can expect to have their depression alleviated.  This debilitating mental illness responds well to exercise.  Provided the patient is willing to put in the effort, they can actually cure their depression without having to take any medication or attending any form of therapy.  Like every medical diagnosis, the patient should always discuss their options with a doctor first.  Only a qualified medical practitioner can decide what is right for the person and help them achieve a cure to their depression.


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