July 13, 2024

Famous People Who Have Depression and Mental Disorders

Plenty of people today make it a habit to bemoan the current state of Hollywood and society whenever a tabloid queen does something worthy of negative buzz.  It’s pretty hard to watch every time a young starlet melts down for all the paparazzos and the rest of the world to see. Though there’s more focus on it now, celebrity self-destructs are not a new thing by any means and are generally the same each time. The particular type of breakdown, however…well, those tend to have a bit more variety.

Stardom and money doesn’t insulate celebrities from the effect of mental illness and depression.   Many of them struggle with it just like us ‘every day’ people.

Celebrity breakdowns date back as early as the 1940s, when aviator Howard Hughes found himself struggling to cope with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a painkiller addiction that eventually claimed his life. Since technology has advanced to the point of letting us share gossip in a blink, meltdowns now are much more public. Now, we can have camera queens like Brittany Spears who live on in head-shaving infamy– sweet, sweet, digitally-immortalized infamy.

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Here is a look at some notable celebrities and their mental illnesses.

famous people with depression and mental illness

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