June 15, 2024

Football Injuries Can Trigger Depression

Football is one of the most popular sports in America.  Many people find it very entertaining and an enjoyable past time to watch on TV and for the warriors out there, to play.  However, football can cause worst injuries by football players and a study conducted about football players having massive injuries has lead to a result that concussions can trigger depression.

A number of retired sports professional have claimed that mental health problems they developed later in life, such as depression and dementia, may have been caused by concussions sustained during their playing careers. Some of these players in the United States are now taking legal action against their former sporting governing bodies.

The recent media interest in concussion in American Football is driven by plaintiff lawyers and ignores much of the important scientific evidence available. The American lawyers claim that concussion causes long-term damage to the brain, and that the NFL has hidden this knowledge from the footballers for decades.

While we make no assertions on the merits of the legal proceedings in America, we can discuss the scientific issues, particularly in their application to football in Australia.

What is concussion?

may indicate a concussion: seizure or convulsion, amnesia, headache, neck pain, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision, balance problems, sensitivity to light, difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering, fatigue or low energy, confusion, or drowsiness….More at Do football concussions cause depression?

With all the pushing and attacking moves made in a football game, this can affect your health and brain.  Football players should be aware about this and should take precautionary measures to prevent themselves from damage.

Here is a clip  that would show you many causes, symptoms and treatments of depression.