April 22, 2024

Can Depression Be Cured?

Yes.   Depression is completely treatable in the majority of cases.  Doctors use a combination of therapy and medication to treat each case individually until the person is completely recovered.  Unfortunately, for many individuals, depression is an inherited part of their genetics.

Statistically, someone with a family history of depression is more likely to become depressed at some point in their life than someone who has never had a family member suffer through depression.  Since doctors are not capable of treating the genetic basis of depression, they may not be able to cure it completely.  Many patients will be completely cured for months or years before suddenly suffering from a relapse.  Doctors are still trying to figure out the nuances in how genetics and the human mind work.  Until they unravel all of the mysteries of the human body, the genetic predisposition for depression will remain a difficult factor to beat.

The Medical Cure

For the average patient, depression is completely curable—at least in the near future.  Doctors use a combination of prescription drugs, Cognitive Behavior therapy and group therapy to help patients return to their former life.  For more severe cases where there is a family history, a doctor will often provide the patient with some form of antidepressants.  This medication will change the amounts of dopamine or serotonin in the brain.  After several months, the patient will usually respond favorably and feel alleviation in their symptoms.

If the patient does not have a genetic predisposition to depression, the doctor will often choose not to use medications.  Anybody who has suffered from a traumatic event or ongoing difficulties in their life may be subject to bouts of depression.  Doctors are hesitant to prescribe medication in these cases because the issue is not with how the brain is functioning.  Lifestyle factors or major events are the root cause of depression and these factors should be treated.

For the individuals with these forms of depression, doctors or psychiatrists will often prescribe some form of cognitive behavior therapy.  The individual is often depressed in response to underlying habits of thinking and approaches to events.  These forms of therapy will encourage them to view everything in a more positive light.  In certain instances, the therapist may encourage them to change parts of their lives such as quitting a stressful work environment or ending a bad relationship.

Home Remedies

There are numerous home remedies that are used to treat mild to moderate depression.  These are not shown to work on severe depression so people with severe depression should seek professional help.

For more information on the most popular home remedies for depression, click here.

Regardless of whether you seek to treat depression via home remedies or seek professional help it is important to know that depression is completely curable as long as the person seeks the proper treatment.


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