July 13, 2024

Does Depression Make You Tired ?

Depression encompasses a range of symptoms and problems. For many individuals, depression can be debilitating and make it difficult to go to work or have a normal social life. Patients who are suffering will often experience symptoms of fatigue or tiredness. Symptoms of Depression Part of the reason that depression can create extreme fatigue is […]

What Can I Do About Depression?

Patients who are diagnosed with depression do not have to remain stuck within their condition.  Depression is completely treatable once medical care has been sought.  If a loved one is thought to be depressed, they should be encouraged to seek treatment for their condition. Natural Solutions Patients who are only mildly or moderately depressed can […]

What Can Depression Lead To ?

Some people dismiss depression as if it is all in the mind and that all a person has to do to get rid of it is to get over whatever problem is causing the depression.  Dealing with depression is not nearly so simple, however, and failing to get treatment for depression can lead to serious […]

What Can Cause Depression ?

The complexity of depression sometimes makes choosing one specific cause for it difficult, but multiple events and factors in an individual’s life can cause depression.  Most of these factors are negative, such as traumatic events, failed relationships, and poor life choices.  Others are neutral or even positive, such as big moments of change or positive […]

Is Depression Genetic ?

Is depression genetic – that’s the question many people who suffer from depression or have a family history of it want to know.  The answer is: yes.  There is a genetic link to depression in certain forms; however, that doesn’t mean that if you have a close relative with depression or a family history of […]

How Long Does Postpartum Depression Last ?

Postpartum depression is something that typically affects women, although men have been diagnosed with the disease.  It doesn’t matter the race is, social or marital status, postpartum depression does not discriminate.  Postpartum depression, also known as postnatal depression, is a type of clinical depression that is triggered by childbirth. More than the baby blues The […]

How Long Does Major Depression Last?

Major Depression affect every aspect of someone’s life.  The patient may stop eating, overeat or experience difficulty sleeping.  Over the course of their depression, they may find it difficult to maintain their normal social life and work schedule.  Major depressive disorder is a debilitating mental disorder that makes it difficult to experience life normally.  A […]

How Long Does Depression Last?

Individuals who have depression often have to deal with constant fatigue, headaches and loss of interest in favorite hobbies.  Add to this list rapid weight gain and it becomes easy to see why someone with depression would want to know how long it lasts.  Few people who are currently depressed want to stay that way, […]

How Does Depression Start ?

Depression is a medical condition that can involve many symptoms and treatments, and can affect many different types of people.  And although there are many risk factors and warning signs of this illness, pinpointing how and why it begins in certain individuals can be a bit of a challenge.  However, in understanding how and why […]

How Does Depression Affect the Body ?

Although depression is known as a psychological disorder, it is associated with many physical symptoms as well.  Physical symptoms of depression are often due to changes in the brain that occur during depression, such as elevated or decreased hormone levels, neurotransmitter disturbances and chemical imbalances.  These physical changes can lead to health problems and other […]