July 13, 2024

Famous People Who Have Depression and Mental Disorders

Plenty of people today make it a habit to bemoan the current state of Hollywood and society whenever a tabloid queen does something worthy of negative buzz.  It’s pretty hard to watch every time a young starlet melts down for all the paparazzos and the rest of the world to see. Though there’s more focus […]

Depression in College Students

Worldwide, there is an estimated 121 million people who struggle with depression according to the World Health Organization. However, it is sad to note that only a few recognize it as depression and seek help.  College students go through an array of emotions; and some of them struggle with depression because of life’s challenges in […]

Depression in Middle Age May Lead to Dementia

Being diagnosed with depression is not a good sign for your health. Depression is a mental illness that triggers a lot of health illnesses. Based on many studies through experimentation and observation, depression can even have later effects especially during the senior years. People who have symptoms of depression in middle age may be at […]

Depression in Women – The 12 Facts Every Woman Should Know

In any given year, close to 19 million Americans over the age of 18 will experience some type of clinical depression. Data from the National Institute of Mental Health indicate that women are 70 percent more likely than men to suffer from depression during their lifetime.  In fact, NIMH estimates that one in eight women […]

Prescription Drug Abuse Tied to Depression in College Students

Study shows that prescription drug use is tied to depression and suicidal thoughts in college students.

Depression Quotes

Although there are a lot of depression quotes available to choose from, here are some of our favorites.   We’ve broken it down into two sections of quotes:  overcoming depression and living with depression recovery. Depression Quotes about Overcoming Depression In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. […]

Teenage Depression

The teenage years are a period of significant change.  Most teenagers feel confused and sad.   Sometimes you may feel that no one cares about you.  If these feelings become so intense that you can’t handle them, you may be suffering from depression.  This medical condition is characterized by low moods that last for at least […]

Depression in the Elderly

Depression affects at least 6 million Americans over 65, yet it is often difficult to diagnose due to the similarity between symptoms of depression and symptoms of the various medical conditions associated with aging.  The elderly may also be likely to assume that their depression symptoms are merely normal signs of aging. Older adults are […]

Famous People with Depression

A lot of famous people have suffered with depression.   The list includes singers, actors, world leads and authors.   While these famous people may have had different forms of depression the one thing they have in common is that they were able to accomplish great things despite their struggles. If you have the symptoms of depression, […]

Depression in Men – The Top 10 Most Surprising Facts

Depression strikes both sexes but depression in women is more often studied and treated than depression in men – so much so that depression is often viewed as a woman’s disorder. The fact is that depression strikes over six million men in the U.S. each year. Depression in men often goes undiagnosed and untreated for […]