April 22, 2024

How Long Does Major Depression Last?

Major Depression affect every aspect of someone’s life.  The patient may stop eating, overeat or experience difficulty sleeping.  Over the course of their depression, they may find it difficult to maintain their normal social life and work schedule.  Major depressive disorder is a debilitating mental disorder that makes it difficult to experience life normally.  A depressed individual will often find it impossible to enjoy pastimes or hobbies they once loved and may withdraw from social interactions.

The Symptoms of Depression

People who suffer from major depression will normally experience lethargy, inability to focus and a negative perspective.  They may deal with increased feelings of loneliness, guilt and melancholy.  These individuals may develop suicidal thoughts and may even make a suicide attempt.  Although each individual will suffer from depression differently, most people will experience many of the most common symptoms.

How Long Does Major Depression Last?

Each person will have different symptoms of depression and the episode’s length will vary.  The sooner someone seeks treatment, the sooner their depression can be cured and its symptoms alleviated.

In mild or moderate depression, individuals can get relief within several weeks or months.  Major depression can take longer.  Patients with this form of the disorder will often require treatment for several months and in rare cases, it may take more than a year to be completely free of the condition.

The most important thing a patient can do is to seek out medical help as soon as possible.  Without treatment, depression can last significantly longer as is the case with chronic depression which is characterized by lasting more than two years.  Untreated depression can also result in a higher risk of suicide attempts.

Some patients with major depression may have to deal with a relapse at some point later in life.   If this happens, a person should immediately seek medical attention so that the or she can escape from their depression as soon as possible.

Treatment Options

For mild or moderate depression, doctors will generally prescribe some form of therapy or encourage the patient to change their lifestyle factors.  Major Depression often demands a stronger course of treatment that may include antidepressants and cognitive behavior therapy.  When combined together, these treatments have been shown to be effective in curing individuals of their depression.

If the depressive episode developed after a traumatic life event or loss of a loved one, a medical practitioner may recommend that the patient seek out some form of group or talk therapy.  With proper treatment, patients can expect to be cured of their depression within a few months of initiating treatment.


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