June 15, 2024

Malfunction In Brain System Due To Stroke Can Promote Depression

Depression is a medical condition that has many causes including genetics and prescription drugs.  One cause that was recently discovered by researchers involves the correlation between a stroke and post-stroke depression.    The impact of this research could help not only stroke patients in the future but further research on the treatment of depression. Among […]

Serotonin – The Link to Depression?

The chemical Serotonin is made in the brain and acts as a neurotransmitter. In much the same way telephone lines relay conversations, these serotonin neurotransmitters relay messages between one area of the brain to another. Research shows that between 80-90% of all serotonin is found in the enterochromaffin cells of the gut. It is generally […]

Anxiety and Depression – What’s the Connection?

Anxiety and depression don’t always go hand in hand but when a person experiences severe anxiety or stress his risk of being diagnosed with depression increases. Similarly, studies show that people who are diagnosed with depression are more likely to have an anxiety disorder than someone who isn’t in a depressive state. The Relationship between […]

Stress and Depression – The Connection No One Talks About

We all have stress in our lives in various forms.  Some of it is considered normal stress and is good because it helps us achieve but too much stress can lead to major depression as well as other negative health effects such as heart attack and cancer.  Stress induced depression can become overwhelming and may […]

Seasonal Depression – It’s All About the Light

Seasonal depression also called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a condition that usually brings about a depressed state during the same season every year.  Usually this occurs during the winter months which gives it the common name of ‘winter depression’ or ‘winter blues’, however it occurs in a small group of those afflicted with this […]

Postnatal Depression – Top 10 Facts Every Mom Must Know

Postnatal depression, also called postpartum depression, is a depression that occurs in the mother after the birth of the baby. Usually the symptoms of postnatal depression will begin to show within the first 3 months after the baby is born but there is no one size fits all time for it to begin. It has […]

Menopause and Depression – A Not So Hot Combination

There’s good news and bad news that go along with menopause. The good news is that it’s a normal part of life – once you are in it you don’t have to deal with having your period anymore. The bad news is that along with menopause and perimenopause (the 8 to 10 years of time […]

Depression During Pregnancy – The 10 Most Common Questions

Many women are led to expect that pregnancy will be the most magical time of their lives – nine months of good feelings and happy glowing skin.   The fact is about 15% of all women experience some symptoms of depression during and after pregnancy (courtesy American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.) Depression During Pregnancy:  An […]

Bipolar Depression – The 5 Facts Everyone Needs to Know

Bipolar depression is one of the hallmarks of bipolar disorder.   People with bipolar disorder experience mood swings between manic episodes filled with abnormally elevated activity or energy levels and depressive episodes associated with a very low energy level. According to the statistical manual of mental disorders, there are two types of bipolar mood disorders:  bipolar […]

Anger and Depression – The 5 Biggest Myths

Let’s face it.  We’ve all felt angry.  Anger and depression often go hand in hand and it’s important to understand the link between the two but there is a lot of bad or incorrect information out there about it. Myth #1:   Either anger causes depression or depression causes anger. Truth:  No one really knows what […]