June 15, 2024

Clinical Depression Symptoms

Everyone has days where they feel sad or discouraged. Usually these episodes are related to a disappointing or stressful event in life. It may be the loss of a job or a problem in a relationship. Often the death of a family member will bring on a feeling of listlessness or sadness. But these times […]

Manic Depression 101 – Symptoms, Causes & More

Manic Depression, more recently and now more commonly referred to as Bipolar Disorder, is a mood disorder characterized by sudden and often drastic mood swings. These mood swings range from mild to very severe. At one end of the mood swing is clinical depression, while on the other end is extreme mania (an extreme form […]

Severe Depression Symptoms

Most people go through some form of depression or the other occasionally.  A specific incident or event or even a change in diet can cause the onset of the “blues”.  However, these emotions often pass and people go back to their daily lives.  But sometimes, this sadness or depression can become strong and almost permanent […]

The Top 12 Depression Symptoms in Men

Depression strikes both genders but it does not do so equally as one would expect.  Depression occurs in men at a rate less frequent than women but it still affects a huge number of men each year.  Depression strikes over six million men in the U.S. alone every year.  Why It’s Important to Recognize the […]

Stress Symptoms – What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

People often think of stress as being something negative when in fact it is a very normal feeling that occurs to protect one’s body. When one senses danger, the body suddenly goes into a defense mode by generating a stress response, one of which is the “fight-or-flight” response.  These kinds of stress responses help one […]

Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Most people have heard about the baby blues that occur a few days after giving birth.  Many women experience overwhelming feelings of emotion after birth due to hormonal changes.  In some new moms however these baby blues don’t go away. In addition, some new moms develop a depression unrelated to the normal hormone changes, usually […]

Depression Symptoms in Women

Many women may suffer from depression and not even know that they have this disease. There are different factors that can cause the onset of depression. Depression symptoms in women can become very severe if they are not treated. Although men and women both suffer from this condition, women are twice as likely to develop […]

The 10 Most Common Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Bipolar disorder is a complicated mental health illness that is easily mistaken for other problems like ADHD or regular depression.   One way a doctor diagnoses the type of bipolar disorder a person suffers from is by looking at the symptoms the person has. While not everyone who has bipolar disorder will suffer from all of […]