May 24, 2024

Melancholic Depression

Melancholic depression is a major form of depression that is often associated with Bipolar Disorder I or Bipolar Disorder II.  It is often biochemically-based and can be inherited from the patient’s parents.  Although stressful or traumatic incidents may increase the likelihood of developing it, melancholic depression can develop without these factors. Symptoms of Melancholic Depression […]

Major Depression

Major depression, known clinically as “major depressive disorder,” or just “clinical depression,” is a medical condition causing continuing psychological feelings of disinterest and profound sadness.  If left untreated, major depression will often manifest itself by presenting with physiological symptoms as well. In the United States alone it is estimated that major depression affects over 10 […]

Mild Depression – It’s Worse than it Sounds

It may be hard to convince a person dealing with mild depression that they’re in better shape than a person who has been diagnosed with a more serious case of depression.   Although the medical community may consider a person’s depression as mild for the depressed person it can still be a very difficult condition to […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder – commonly called SAD and winter depression – is a mental illness that causes its victims to experience depressive symptoms only during Winter or Summer.  Also referred to as seasonal depression, SAD affects approximately 6% of the American population.  Roughly 14% of the American population experiences a less severe form of SAD […]

Long Term Depression

Long term depression, also called dyshtymia or chronic depression, is characterized as depression that lasts for at least two years.  Symptoms of long term depression are similar to regular depression, and include chronic sadness, anxiety, loss of interest, changes in sleep and eating habits, fatigue or lack of energy, trouble concentrating and overwhelming feelings of […]

Male Menopause – Is it Real?

The existence and validity of male menopause is a heavily debated subject among medical professionals.  Some claim that male menopause is real and that men need to receive medical treatment for their lowering testosterone levels while others claim that male menopause is a misnomer and that the decreasing testosterone levels are simply a natural part […]

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression – also known as PPD – is a condition that experts believe affects as many as twenty five percent of all women who have given birth. Symptoms of postpartum depression include mood swings, disturbances in sleep and eating patterns, anxiety, irritability, lack of energy and an inability to bond with baby. Although symptoms […]

Psychotic Depression

Everyone suffers from the blues at one time or another.  The feeling of being down is usually short-lived, however, and normal mood is quickly restored.  Yet, for some people, depression is a constant companion that makes day-to-day living a challenging proposition.  The challenge is greater still for those individuals who suffer from psychotic depression. What […]

Severe Depression

Affecting each person in a different way, Severe Depression can be a debilitating that makes a patient feel persistently down and unable to be happy.  This description characterizes most depressive disorders, but in Severe Depression the patient is unable to go through the motions of everyday life.  A few of the people who suffer from […]

Manic Depressive Disorder

Manic Depressive Disorder, also known as Bipolar disorder, is often accompanied by dramatic mood swings.   Individuals who suffer from Manic Depressive Disorder often experience grandiose delusions, sleeplessness, psychosis and manic highs.  After the manic highs, these patients fall into a deep depression and lethargy.  Almost six million people have been diagnosed across the United States […]